Daman n Diu

It’s Daman from Daman and Diu union territory of India. I happen to visit this place with my friends on a new year eve. Though it was not the best time to visit this place but who cares when you have friends with you. I happened to transform our trip into a poem. It goes like this:

Reached Daman at noon and searched for the room; Gotta hotel Paradise, pretty cheap and nice.
The bedsheet were torn and the windows were wrong; The servant was loaded after havin’ Old’est Monk.

We gotta fresh; though we din have bath; We smelled like charm when the deo went under arm.
We hunted for the lunch as if in a jungle; And gotta hotel, whose waiters were slow as Hungle.

First beach was Devka which din bhaya humka; That was full on rocks, hum kya karte… Ghunta!
The couple rode Camel, which was tattooed; Gotta some clicks; nothing else to shoot.

Next beach was Jampore, where the water was so doooor; touching the sea, was not at all cooool.
Finally we had fun and freaked out there; Some went alone and some came near.

The night went drinking, the order never stopped; Fish, Chicken, Forsters and Vodka rocked.
Champa went vibrating as the night went dark; We end the day after playin some card.

Day 2 started late as we have to wait; Rajiv came to Daman with production support fate.
We packed bag and checked outta hotel; The servant gotta 20 for another Monk Bottle.

All were charged but the time was short; Where we reached was the Nani Daman Fort.
Some posed alone while others posed together; That is where we got our album cover.

Next was the God’s place which we got on search; It was beautiful, small old Church.
The place was holy and the air was sacred; Some guys get their poses, as they never cared.

We had a walk toward the lighthouse; We also visited Secretariat and Govt. house.
Then we saw boats and people on the sand; There we discovered the Moti Daman Island.

The dream to touch water was gonna come true; We reached to the island with the whole crew.
Wearing the jockey, in water were all pals; But we were unable to pull the gals.

The tour to Daman was coming to an end; Finally we had lunch till the neck.
Thanks to all, with the whole heart n soul; You are my brother n our friendship really rocks.


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